Classwork and Homework for the Week of March 19

  • Lesson plans and homework are subject to change. 
  • If we have a cancellation you still need to do the SPELLING assignment for the day and MATH lesson!!!  This will help us keep caught up.  Thank you!


Monday–   List #29  Write words 1x & Study Poem

Tuesday–  Activities and Study Poem

Wednesday– Word Search and Study Poem         TEST tomorrow

Thursday–  TEST     

Friday–       Grandparents Day



Monday–  pg. 164-173

Tuesday– pg. 174-182        HW:  Write words 1x

Wednesday–  pg. 182-191

Thursday–   Read and Think 39            HW:  Write words 1x     QUIZ tomorrow

Friday  QUIZ                Grandparents Day



Monday- Lesson 136       QUIZ tomorrow

Tuesday–  QUIZ      Lesson 137  

Wednesday Lesson 138         Speed Drills 136 & 138

Thursday-   Lesson 139   

Friday–  Lesson 140         Speed Drills 139 & 140            Grandparents Day



Monday–  pg.  225-226    QUIZ Wednesday     Oral BOOK REPORT due tomorrow

Tuesday–   Oral BOOK REPORT 

Wednesday– QUIZ       pg. 227

Thursday– pg. 228

Friday–   Grandparents Day



Monday–Review chapter 14   HW:   TEST tomorrow

Tuesday–   TEST     HW:   

Wednesday-  pg. 269-272; 371     SS 38      HW:    CURRENT EVENT Wednesday

Thursday–   pg. 273-277     HW:  SS 39          QUIZ Monday pg. 269-277       CURRENT EVENT Wednesday     STATES and CAPITALS TEST Thursday

Friday Grandparents Day    HW:


Monday– pg. 246-249      HW:  CCU 14 sect. F #6-9 and J (all)     QUIZ tomorrow pg. 239-249; 324

TuesdayQUIZ    pg. 248-251  HW:   

Wednesday-  pg. 251-254        HW:   CCU 14 sect. G #11-15 and I #11-15

Thursday–pg. 255-258   HW:  

Friday  Grandparents Day      HW: