Review today –Test tomorrow for chap 9


Started 9-3 on pg. 149. (info on pg. 255) Did payroll for Everett and Littel on pg. 149.

For homework due Thursday do payroll for remaining 4 employees on pg. 150 (use timecards on pg. 148)


pg. 149 Activity B-1 –for FICA multiply by .067 (6.7%). Remember that there is a cap of 29,700, so R. Williams (see pg. 255) is over the cap and D. Ryan is close to the cap. So on #6, only 150 of D. Ryan’s income is taxable (150x.067=10.05) and on #8, R. Williams is over the cap, so his tax is 0.

For next Tuesday, finish B-1 and B-2 on pg. 149 (will need chart on pg. 253).


Did pg. 149 Activity A in class


Did pg. 147 Act A in class, as well as Act B and 9-1 (pg. 148)


Make sure all of 8-3 (pg. 132) is complete, including check stub and journal entries.

Thursday we will review for chapter 8 test on Friday.


Finished 8-4 in class, and did CP 34-35 together

Homework due Tues   2-13,     Do 8-3 in workbook (will need new handout)


Did pg 131 act A in class

Did TP 8-4 top section in class



Did top stub on pg. 128 together, and the activity B deposit slip.

Finish the second check and stub on pg. 128 and also fill out the deposit ticket in 8-2

Happy Groundhog Day!


Filled out check on pg 127 (will continue when I get you pg 128)

Homework due Feb 1–pg. 129 Act A