homework due 9-21: A-1 and A-1 (pg. 41 text, pg. 15 workbook)


Homework due 9-19: TP 2-3 (pg. 12 in workbook, pg. 38 in textbook)


No homework today. We did Act. B (pg. 11) –QUIZ tomorrow (9-15) that will be similar to this exercise.


Due 9-14:  TP 2-2 (pg. 10 workbook) and Activity A (trans. 1-5 on pg. 11 of workbook)


Finished Activities C and D in class (workbook pg. 9, textbook pg. 27,28).

Due Tuesday (9-12): Topic Problem 2-1 (pg. 10 in workbook, pg. 29-30 in textbook)



Test 1 today.

We will begin work on chapter 2 on Thursday.

Sep 1

Test on Tuesday(9-5)!

Review Sheet for test will also be the homework due for Tuesday and will be turned in with the test.

Please make sure to have workbook and review sheet completed to staple to your completed test on Tuesday.



Due tomorrow (9-1):C-6  (workbook pg. 8)

C-1 thru C-5 was done in class together.



Due Thursday (8-31)–Activity A, B, TP 1-3, TP1-4 (pg. 3-4 of workbook)

Accounting homework 8-25-17

We have done A-1, A-2, Activity B and C, and topic problem 1-1 on pg. 1 of our workbook together in class (corresponds with pgs. 10-13 in textbook).

Homework assigned to be completed for class next Tuesday is Topic Problem 1-2 (pg. 2 of workbook, pg. 13 in textbook)